Polishing Starter Kit

Polishkit för polering av metallfyllda filament.

299 kr

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Explore polishing flat surfaces with polishing paper or curved surfaces with your bench grinder, drill, or rotary tool.

Here is what we include in the kit:

  1. 450g of Fabulustre Polishing Compound
  2. 4″ loose muslin cloth wheel for drill or bench grinder
  3. 6.5mm diameter shaft arbor (for 4″ wheel)
  4. 2.9mm shaft cotton buff (for rotary tool)
  5. 100mmx125mm sheets of 400-8000 grit polishing paper
• 400-grit (yellow)
• 600-grit (gray)
• 1,200-grit (blue)
• 4,000-grit (pink)
• 6,000-grit (teal)
• 8,000-grit (white)

No power tools are included and compatibility with an specific model is not guaranteed.  Please experiment safely!




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