eSUN PLA+ Filament Green – 1,75 mm – 1 kg

PLA+ is a much tougher filament than standard PLA, but still as easy to print. It has an impact strength between 1.4-2 times that of ordinary PLA filaments. A quality material and a great choice if you want to get robust parts without any hassle.

• Extremely easy to print
• Very good bonding between the layers and with small shrinking
• Available in a large selection of vibrant colors

PLA+ is a personal choice within the Creedo3D team and we are happy to tell you more if you have questions. We are available at

215.20 kr

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Filament dimension


Reel size

Material weight

Material variety


Colour name

Colour attribute

Heated bed

Weight reel

Printing temperature

Impact resistance


Dimension center hole

Diameter tolerance


Manufacturer part number


Tensile strength

Shore hardness(A)


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