eSUN ABS Filament Clear Transparent – 1,75 mm – 1 kg

This is a high quality filament from eSUN that we dare to say always does its job. It is one of our best-selling ABS filaments in the standard category (ie not quite as robust as, for example, ABS +) and if you do not want to print objects with high demands on impact resistance, this is very suitable. ABS is a popular thermoplastic thanks to its good strength, user-friendliness (it is easy to print as long as you have a heated build plate) and the ability to finish with, for example, acetone for a completely smooth surface.

  • An excellent alternative to PLA when you want a more robust print
  • A filament of high and even quality

249 kr

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Filament dimension

Impact resistance

Shore hardness(A)

Material variety

Print speed


Diameter tolerance

Dimension center hole


Printing temperature

Heated bed

Colour attribute


Weight reel

Colour name


Material weight

Reel size

Tensile strength



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