DimaFix – Adhesive spray – 400 ml

DimaFix is an awesome spray for bed adhesion for 3d printers with heated print bed. No more warping with this product that gives strong adhesion between the filament and the heated bed. DimaFix gets activated at a temperature of 60°C and holds the object to the bed during printing. When the bed temperature drops the object looses from the platform – Brilliant!

  • Fits most filaments (extra suitable for ABS)
  • When the heated bed cools the DimaFix deactivates and the object can easily be detached from the platform
  • This spray is soluble in water which makes cleaning of the bed easy
  • A bottle last for more that 100 prints

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Notera: The product is classified as “limited quantity of dangerous goods” and is only allowed to be sent WITHIN SWEDEN and with DHL.  Max 2 bottles. per package.

Volyme  400ml
Weight 375g

DimaFix is ​​a spray that provides a strong attachment between the print’s first layer and the heated building board when it is above 60ºC. Below 60 ° C, DimaFix becomes inactive so that the printout can be easily removed from the building board. DimaFix fastening spray provides a strong grip between glass and plastic that is easy to break when needed. The mounting spray is completely soluble in water, which makes cleaning of the building board easy.

Different temperatures on the building board provide different degrees of attachment:

Below 60ºC -> No bond, prints can be easily removed from the plate.
60 – 75ºC -> Medium bond, for simpler geometries.
75 – 95ºC -> Good bond, for complex geometries and long prints.
Över 95ºC -> Excellent bond, for very complex geometries and very long prints.

How to use DimaFix:

  1. Thoroughly clean the 3D printer mounting plate
  2. Check that the temperature of the buildplate is below 50ºC
  3. Spray DimaFix on the buildplate (in a well-ventilated area)
  4. Heat the buildplate and you are ready to print
  5. After printing, wait until the buildplate has cooled down
  6. Take your print from the buildiplate when it comes loose by itself.

Properties of DimaFix

  • Avoid warping
  • Suitable for all types of materials, especially ABS filaments
  • Provides strong grip during printing
  • When the print is complete, the printout releases automatically
  • Recommended for printing on heated buildplates
  • Easy to clean, soluble in water
  • Each spray bottle is sufficient for more than 100 prints.


Heated bed



Diameter tolerance

Dimension center hole

Tensile strength

Filament dimension


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Shore hardness(A)

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